Welcoming a new season

Practicing and teaching yoga at 889 Yoga, I am continually reminded of the value of GRATITUDE. It is one of 889 Yoga’s core beliefs and it filters throughout the organization and touches most everyone.

I have recently come through a difficult time in my life. So, when I experience moments of clarity, contentment and fullness, I want to acknowledge and appreciate them. This week, as I have walked my two young daughters to school in the crisp, sunny mornings, I am reminded that I LOVE fall. Then, when I thought more deeply, I realized that I love all of our seasons in Ontario, even if winter is a little bit long for my liking. Although I absolutely adore summer, I welcome the beginning of fall. September always seems like an opportunity to start fresh, perhaps more so than in the depths of January. I got married in early September. I gave birth to my first daughter in early September and I have always loved the ritual of going back to school. I love learning.

This fall represents a major life change for me. My youngest daughter has started grade one which means full day school! As I dropped her off at the playground last week, I was maybe just a little bit surprised by my reaction. I was ready to say good-bye and to begin a new chapter of my life…a new season. I sent my girls off with new backpacks, fresh school supplies and a keen anticipation to meet new teachers.

As we merge into a new season, here is what I am grateful for in no particular order (a kind of response to Melissa’s Sept. 1st blog):

  • This weekend’s upcoming yoga retreat that will allow me time to be solitary and contemplative (will blog about this next week)
  • My own resiliency and capacity for change
  • The clear blue autumn skies
  • Taking my daughters to early morning cross country running practice
  • New fall recipes
  • The nearing completion of our third floor renovation
  • My renewed health
  • My partner and family unit
  • More time to reflect and plan for the next steps in my career
  • The honesty, support and integrity of my friendships
  • My willingness to move toward authenticity and vulnerability

What if I hadn’t experienced my recent pain? Perhaps my gratitude would not be as fierce. Could it be that I am grateful for the pain too? As you turn the page into the splendour of autumn, can you embrace your blessings?